Darryl Hodgson

General Manager GCH UAV

I have over two decades experience working in the IT, electronics and local government sector, in a broad range of management, technical support and development roles. I am passionate about delivering world class technical solutions and extremely proud to be a part of the GCH UAV senior management team, guiding our team to deliver excellence in this leading-edge business.

Key Skills

  • Business Intelligence
  • Software Development
  • Business Development Management
  • Electronic Engineering
  • Service Delivery Management

Industry Experience

  • GCH Aviation I.T. Manager – 4 Years
  • Senior Business Analysts - 4 Years
  • Software Development – 4 Years
  • Electronics Engineering – Most of my life!

Daniel Currie


I have grown up in Aviation after my Father John started GCH Aviation in 1984. Alongside completing school and a Commerce Degree majoring in Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship I have been working in Administration and Management of Aviation for 22 Years.

GCH UAV was a natural progression into an exciting expanding sector of Aviation that my team are all passionate about. My goal as CEO is to see GCH UAV delivering our current market leading aviation skills and knowledge in the UAV Sector. Through my knowledge and experience I hold the CEO senior person role for GCH UAV with the New Zealand Civil Aviation Authority.

Alongside my finance and administration background I am also a part time commercial helicopter pilot.

Key Skills

  • Aviation Industry Experience
  • Financial Knowledge
  • Passion for Systems and Processes
  • Holder of senior management roles and skills in various companies.
  • Time management and passion to inspire others

Colin Aitchison

Drone Pilot / Technical Analyst

I learnt the art of aerial photography first by taking images in freefall of screaming tandem skydive customers in Queenstown for 10 years. After winning multiple photography awards I discovered in 2012 there was an easier way to take scenic aerial images – Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (Drones).

As an early adopter of this technology I learnt first-hand, through building my own UAV, what goes in to keeping these industry revolutionising craft in the sky – giving me a sound technological understanding and a solid platform to build from as the industry rapidly developed.

In 2014 I founded Droneworks New Zealand in response to a rapidly growing aerial imaging market and the desire to provide beautiful aerial imagery I decided to transform what had been until now a hobby, into a full-time business. In 2017 I struck a deal with GCH Aviation and came onboard as a UAV Operator & Operational Analysist, based in Marlborough.

Key Skills

  • Innovative – Obsessed with implementing new technology to create bespoke solutions
  • Dependable – Comfortable working in high pressure environments to deliver excellence
  • Knowledgeable – Passionate about understanding intricate operational details
  • Perfectionist –Inspired to create the best possible outcome for clients

Industry Experience

  • UAV Pilot – Over 400hrs / 6 Years Industry Experience
  • Photographer – Internationally Published, Award Winning
  • Videographer – Creative, Dynamic Content Capture in High Pressure Environments
  • Remote Sensing – Highly Experienced in Multispectral Data Acquisition & Processing

Rob Duff

Drone Pilot / Business Development

I have worked in aerial photography and videography for over 30 years. Initially I started filming from helicopters and light fixed wing aircraft for the agricultural sector. I then progressed to fitting a camera to a radio controlled aircraft with varying degrees of success. In more recent times, as technology has caught up, I started using state of the art UAV technology. During my years of photography and videography I have had many images published on various media both domestically and internationally.

I have a sound business background, running a successful photo-lab in Blenheim for 15 years. During this time, I advanced from early analogue technology through to digital - the biggest change photography has ever seen.

Recently I joined GCH Aviation group and enjoy the challenge of delivering professional UAV based solutions to a broad range of companies in many different business sectors.

As well as being a licensed UAV operator I also hold a helicopter licences and enjoy flying in my spare time.

Key Skills

  • Business opportunity development
  • Product development
  • Service delivery
  • Customer relationships

Industry Experience

  • Photography and Videography
  • Aviation
  • Sales and Training Management
  • Business Management