GCH UAV is a CAA Part 102 certificated drone operator composed of highly talented and experienced drone pilots, award winning photographers, videographers and industry leading remote sensing experts. We offer complete, end to end solutions such as professional aerial photography, promotional video creation, aerial asset inspection and multispectral crop mapping to a wide range of industries. 

Our Part 102 certificate permits us to fly outside the restrictions that many other operators contend with and as a result, deliver superior services in areas or at times where others cannot, such as at night, within 4km of aerodromes and even above areas where drones are not typically permitted to operate. We thrive on safely delivering outstanding results in complex, challenging operations. 

Access to state of the art UAV platforms, cutting edge imaging hardware and enterprise level software allows us to deliver meaningful data to our diverse customer base on time and within budget. We currently have bases located in Christchurch and Blenheim and regularly carry out operations throughout New Zealand and the South Pacific.